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Scorched: Application
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Here is where you can let me know if you have any comments, questions, or concerns about the way I play Rin. Please don't be afraid to be completely honest, but I would prefer it if things stay civil.

I want to do my best here, so constructive criticism is greatly appreciated!

Anonymous commenting is allowed and IP logging is off.

Hell yeah

What's ok/not ok to talk about around him/her? Anything goes.
Shapeshifting/Bodyswitching: Just let me know in advance so I can expect it.
Mind control: Ask me about it first.
Mind reading: Rin will usually be thinking about getting back home, his friends, or training. Let me know if you are going more in depth so I can keep you informed.
Deceit (Lies, manipulation, illusions, etc): Feel free to try, it may or may not work.
Minor insults (spiting at, stepping on, throwing non-lethal objects at, etc): Go ahead.
Non-violent physical contact (hugging, kissing, etc): Sure, but he might blush.
Sexual situations: Rin doesn't exactly have the emotional maturity to handle sexual situations at the moment. This one is really on a case to case basis.
Fighting: Absolutely, but be prepared to deal with someone with a limited control of some serious powers.
Serious injury: Sure, Rin heals up pretty fast, so it's cool if you want to try and do some major damage.
Death (intentional or accidental): Check with me first. I am not opposed to letting him die, but it may be tough.
Special notes: I'm pretty open, but when in doubt, ask!

Hell yeah

Age: 15
Height: 173 cm
Weight: 63 kg
Blood Type: A
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Short, messy, and black
Birthday: December 27
Physical Traits: Rin has pointed ears, sharp canines, and a tail. When his demon powers are fully unleashed his ears become more elongated, his eyes begin to glow, and his body emits blue flames.
Special medical circumstances:Rin heals extremely quickly. He reacts badly if splashed with holy water.
Likes: Friends, cooking, sleeping, eating, goofing off, and spacing out.
Dislikes: Studying

Lucerne Ridge: Application
Hell yeah
OOC Information
Alias: Knox
Contact Info: Aim: quixoticknoxide
Other characters: Atoli

IC Information
Character: Okumura Rin
Canon: Ao no Exorcist
Point in canon: Between Chapters 14 and 15. He is taken from his dormitory.
Age: 15
Personality: Rin has a very carefree demeanor that generally obscures his more serious outlook. Rin is quick to anger, quick to smile, and quick to offer his support. Although Rin can be very impulsive and hot-tempered, he does keep in mind the consequences of his actions and rarely jumps into things without thinking. (Instead he jumps into things after deciding they are worth any risk of consequences which, to an outside observer, looks nearly the same). Because of this, although he can be stubborn and proud, he will not do things that will put him at risk just to prove a point. Rin has decided that defeating Satan and becoming a Paladin are things he absolutely must accomplish and so he must survive long enough to see those goals out.

Rin has set high goals for himself in life but, although he fully intends to reach them someday, he can be lazy. He hates studying and has a hard time focusing on his schoolwork which leads to abysmal grades. Rin shows no embarrassment when asking his classmates when there is something he doesn't know about and is always very straightforward about his knowledge (or lack thereof). Despite the fact that his scholarly performance is lacking, he seems to retain the information he learns and can apply it in practical situations. He expends more effort in his physical training because he finds it more engaging and enjoyable and he likes to tag along with his brother on missions.

Because Rin spent the first part of his life feared and misunderstood by most people, he has never had any close friends until recently. Attending True Cross Academy has changed that and he has begun to understand how to make friends he can trust and rely on. Rin has come to appreciate the benefits of having good relationships with other people and he greatly values all of his friends. He places special importance on his relationship with his brother and is truly proud of how far his brother has gone in life. Despite (or perhaps because of) his value of friends, he tends to try and act alone in dangerous situations.

History: Rin is the son of Satan, born from a human mother. Due to his younger twin brother Yukio's weak constitution, all of Satan's powers were inherited by Rin alone. Rin and Yukio were taken in by Father Fujimoto and raised as his sons. From a young age, Rin had incredible strength and powers which caused him to be feared and shunned by others. Due to his quick temper, this often got him into fights.

One day, Father Fujimoto rescues Rin who has gotten into a fight with a demon. When Rin asks what is going on, Father Fujimoto explains the existence of demons and tells Rin of his origins. He hurries Rin back home where he takes a demon-sealing blade out from hiding. He explains that the sword, when sheathed, seals Rin’s demonic powers. He gives him the sword and a cell phone containing the contact information of a friend who will help him. Rin become angry, feeling as though Father Fujimoto is just sending him away the moment he is no longer “human.”

In his frustration he yells at Father Fujimoto, telling him to stop acting like his father. Father Fujimoto is visibly hurt by this which opens him up to an attack from Satan. Satan possesses Father Fujimoto’s body and attempts to pull Rin back to the demon realm, Gehenna. Satan reveals that, although he had originally created Rin out of boredom, he has since realized that he can use Rin’s body (which is strong enough to hold the power of Satan while being able to exist in the human realm, Assiah) to take control of Assiah. Before Rin is pulled completely through the Gehenna Gate, Father Fujimoto is able to regain enough control over his body to kill himself and keep Satan away from Rin. Rin draws the demon-sealing blade and uses his demonic power to escape the gate and destroy it.

At Father Fujimoto’s funeral, Rin calls the number of the contact he was given. The contact in question, Mephisto Pheles, reveals that he is already there and surrounds Rin with exorcists of the True Cross Order. He explains that, because Rin is the son of Satan, he must be killed for the protection of the public. Rin surprises everyone present by demanding to be made an exorcist so he can destroy Satan himself, claiming that his only real father is Father Fujimoto. Mephisto accepts Rin’s offer and enrolls him in True Cross Academy, where Yukio will also be studying.

At True Cross Academy, Rin discovers that Yukio is already an accomplished exorcist and will be one of his instructors. Yukio and Rin get into an argument because Yukio blames Rin for Father Fujimoto’s death. Yukio threatens him with his gun, but Rin refuses to fight his own brother. Yukio accepts Rin’s determination to destroy Satan for the pain he has caused.

Rin accompanies Yukio on a request one day and meets Shiemi, a girl who’s legs have been infected by a demon. He helps Yukio defeat the demon and Shiemi enrolls in True Cross Academy to train to be an exorcist with Rin.

Rin later gets into a fight with the top student in the class, Bon, who accuses Rin of not taking his studies as an exorcist seriously. Bon challenges him to face a dangerous monster as a test to see if he is serious about becoming an exorcist, but Rin refuses, explaining that he can’t risk his life for something so trivial. When Bon stubbornly goes to face the monster himself and is attacked, Rin jumps in front of him and takes the attack in his place. Rin begins to take studying more seriously after this, and, as a way of saying thanks for helping him, Bon gives him a clip to keep his hair out of his eyes while he reads.

Yukio later announces that the Exwire exams will be coming up soon and he will hold a training camp to prepare everyone for it. In order to become an exorcist, trainees must reach the level of Meister in at least one of five specializations; becoming an Exwire is the first step in the process. Rin decides to pursue becoming a Knight, an exorcist who focuses on swordsmanship. At the training camp, the students are attacked by ghouls under the control of one of the teachers, Neigauz. Rin goes off alone to try and deal with them himself. When he returns, Bon yells at him for recklessly going off on his own. In the end, it turns out that the training camp doubled as the Exwire exam. Neigauz however, went beyond the parameters of the test with the intention of killing Rin because of his association with Satan. Rin takes an attack from Neigauz and tells him that he will take as many blows as he needs to, as long as Neigauz refrains from involving innocent bystanders in his quarrel. Neigauz is caught off-guard by Rin’s attitude and leaves bitterly. It is announced later that all of the students in the class have achieved Exwire status.

Rin tags along with Yukio on another one of his missions. Father Fujimoto’s familiar, Blacky, has gone out of control after overhearing that he had been killed. The other exorcists are resigned to destroying Blacky because of the threat to the public, but Rin can “hear” Blacky’s thoughts and insists on trying to reason with the familiar. Rin is able to calm Blacky and keeps him as his familiar.

The class is later gathered for a group mission at an amusement park. Rin ends up alone and his sword gets taken by Amaimon, another son of Satan. Amaimon unsheathes the sword, noting that this causes Rin to take on his demon form. Rin tries to take back his sword, and the two fight. Rin becomes so enraged that he loses control temporarily, but is brought back to reality when he sees Shiemi in danger. He uses his flames to save her, exhausting himself in the process. Amaimon is disappointed by this turn of events and threatens to break Rin’s sword, but is stopped by the appearance of Shura, an exorcist who had been disguised as a member of the class.

Shura leads Rin away and attacks him, revealing that she is on a secret mission to determine his status as the son of Satan and eliminate him. Having once been trained by Father Fujimoto, Shura is disgusted that he could be so foolish as to try and raise Rin as a tool to be used against Satan. Rin tells her he will become a Paladin, the highest rank of exorcist, in order to prove that Father Fujimoto was right. Shura laughs at him, but accepts his proposal. She keeps his sword for safe-keeping and gives him a wooden sword for him to use in the meantime.

Yukio and Shura lead a summer training camp for the students. While working together with the others to set up camp, Rin realizes that he has finally made friends – something he had previously been unable to do. He discovers what he had missed out on by always being a troublemaker in the past and how good it feels to have people he is close to.

Yukio describes the objective for their training and Shura warns Rin not to let the others find out about his flames. After the task begins, Rin finds Shiemi unconscious and being attacked by moths. He uses his flames to burn them away and Bon happens to see. Rin is able to distract him and they join up with most of the others. Together, they work to complete the objective. When they return to camp, Amaimon attacks. Shura puts up a barrier to help keep him at bay and warns Rin that the next time Amaimon shows up, he should take his sword and leave. Rin asks why she is giving his sword back when she wants him to suppress his flames and she tells him that he won’t stand a chance against Amaimon without unleashing his full power.

They are interrupted when Shiemi leaves the protected area under the control of a parasite implanted by Amaimon. Amaimon takes her, leading Rin away from the others. He taunts Rin by reciting wedding vows and leaning in to kiss the dazed Shiemi. Rin tries to attack him without drawing his sword but, as Shura warned him, he is no match. Bon and the others come and distract Amaimon. Amaimon begins to choke Bon, forcing Rin to finally draw his sword. The others are shocked to see Rin’s true form. Yukio leads them away from where Rin is now fighting seriously with Amaimon. Rin loses control of himself again and Mephisto is forced to step in to keep his brothers from causing too much destruction.

Mephisto traps Amaimon in a large cuckoo clock before taking the out-of-control Rin back to the school. When they arrive, the others have already made it back and are shocked when Rin growls at them menacingly. Mephisto sheathes Rin’s sword, causing him to lose consciousness. Mephisto wakes Rin who is immediately attacked by Andrew, the current Paladin. Shura saves Rin and Andrew receives a call instructing him to bring Mephisto, Rin, and Shura to a trial before the 3 Saints. Before he is taken away, Rin calls out to his friends. Bon angrily asks him what the son of Satan was doing in their class before being pulled away. Rin tries to act positively to Shiemi, but she cries and asks him how he can still joke around. Rin is pulled away by Andrew and taken to where the 3 Saints are waiting.

Here Andrew forces Rin to kneel and stabs his sword through Rin’s leg to keep him in control. Rin listens as the trial goes on around him and thinks of his friends. He eventually loses his temper and his body begins to release blue flames. He tells the people in the room not to judge him and treat him like a weapon. He asserts that he will become the strongest exorcist, a claim that Andrew scoffs at. The Organization eventually agrees to give Rin a chance, under several conditions; the first of which is to pass the exorcist exam in six months. Rin begs Shura to train him to use his sword and she agrees.

Abilities: General athleticism and fighting ability: Rin has been getting into fights from a young age and so is a very tough fighter, if not a formally trained one.

Swordsmanship: Rin is a self-trained swordsman. His technique is more about power than finesse.

Demon form: Rin has the ability to change into his demon form, increasing his strength and allowing him to make use of his blue flames. These flames come from his body and he can cause them to flare out as an offensive attack. He can only go fully into his demon form if he unsheathes his demon-sealing sword, Kurikara, but this sometimes causes him to lose control of himself. Even without unleashing his full power, his flames are a force to be reckoned with.

"Demon telepathy": Rin can understand the thoughts and feelings of other demons, even if they aren't vocalizing their thoughts.

Items brought along: Rin is wearing his school uniform and has the hair clip Bon gave him, the wooden sword Shuura gave him, and his familiar, Blacky.

Stigma: Rin's Stigma revolves around the words he said to Father Fujimoto in anger when he found out about his parentage. He regrets having said something like that to the man who raised him like a son, especially since it was the last thing he really got to say. He also realized when Yukio accused him of being responsible for causing Father Fujimoto to lose control of his emotions long enough to be possessed by Satan, it was likely these words that were to blame.

Regular Post:

[Sits up and wipes a bit of drool from the corner of his mouth.]

What is this place?

[Notices Blacky sleeping in his lap and nudges him.]

Hey, wake up! Do you know how we got here?

[Looks around distractedly while Blacky nuzzles his hand.]

I guess we’d better figure this out, huh?

Log Post:
“Don’t ever act like you’re my father again!” Rin yelled in anger, saying words he didn’t mean at all.

Rin could see the pain caused by his words in Father Fujimoto’s face. Pain that changed to terror as the man began to lose control of his body. Then to cruelty as his father’s face was warped by the expression of the evil being who gave him life; blood streaming out of his eyes and nose from the strain of harboring such evil.

“If Father could ever be said to have had one weakness…” Rin turned at the sound of his brother’s words. “Then that weakness is you.” Yukio raised his gun, pointing it straight at Rin. “You, brother, were the one who killed Father.”

“Just die, please.”


Slowly, Rin began to wake up. The shock of recent events must have stirred up memories of Father. How dare those bastards try and turn what Father had done into something terrible! Acting as if he were nothing more than a weapon to be used or destroyed at their convenience. Gradually, a feeling of unease settled over him. “Wha..?”

Rin sat up, rubbing the evidence of recent sleep off his face and taking in his unfamiliar surroundings. “What is this place?” Blacky was asleep on his lap, the presence a comfort. He smiled and softly nudged the familiar. “Hey, wake up! Do you know how we got here?”

Blacky was not awake enough to be aware of the shift in location. As Blacky nuzzled his hand, Rin glanced around. This didn’t look like any place he recognized, but True Cross Academy had some interesting exits. One of them could easily lead to somewhere he hadn’t been before. “I guess we’d better figure this out, huh?”


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